Longbow Heritage is a archery club in the UK that was started in 1984 by Dolly, Jim and Carol Edwards, aided and abetted by Mick Pearce and Gary Chapman.

Sadly, Jim and Dolly are now shooting at the Great Archery Course in the Sky, but their contribution to Field Archery lives on.

We are affilliated to the National Field Archery Society (nfas.net). With some of our members also belonging to the Society for the Promotion of Traditional Archery, (traditional-archery.org), who have members all over the World.

‘Jim’s Jungle Jaunt’ is our main NFAS event and is held on the first weekend in July, and is near Guildford in Surrey. We still use Jim’s cut out 2d pictures, that he drew and kept copies of. There are some 100 plus pictures to choose from each year, with favourites like the ‘wolf pack’, Elephant, Chameleon and Anni-conda the coiled snake with a lot of holes for your arrows to miss through!

Over the last six years we have also had use of some woods near Romsey in Hampshire, where we run more fun days and the Venison Shoot.

We now run friendly get togethers at both our Guildford and Romsey venues, where members can meet and introduce new archers to the experience of field archery.

We are based South West of London.

For more details or if you wish to join please email longbowheritage@gmail.com.

Also you can click the Facebook icon below to join our group.